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Bearcat Bytes: Brant King
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to defensive newcomer, Brant King. The MHL veteran is the lone 20-year-old Bearcat defenceman and it's [...]
Bearcat Bytes: Frederic Plourde
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to second-year Bearcat, Frederic Plourde. He impressed last year, serving primarily as a backup to ve [...]
Bearcat Bytes: Brady Stone
Bearcat -of-the-Week honours went to defenceman, Brady Stone. As one of three rookie rearguards on the team, he’s learning the junio [...]
Bearcat Bytes: Josh Steele
  Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to defenceman, Josh Steele. He came to the Bearcats via the December trade with the Summers [...]
Bearcat Bytes: Mavrick Goyer
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to goalie, Mavrick Goyer. The Bearcats acquired his playing rights in December via a trade with Summe [...]
Bearcat Bytes: Tim Porter
  Bearcat -of-the-Week honours went to rookie defenceman Tim Porter. Last June the Bearcats chose Porter and Simon Mullen as T [...]
Bearcat Bytes: Holden Kodak
Bearcat -of-the-Week honours went to team captain, Holden Kodak. He scored in each of the three games last week, including the first t [...]
Bearcat Bytes: Tanner Humber-Dredge
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to forward, Tanner Humber-Dredge. Actually, any player on his line would be a candidate. In the three [...]
Bearcat Bytes: Andyn Furmidge
Bearcat -of-the-Week honours went to rookie Andyn Furmidge. In the 7-4 win over Yarmouth, he scored his first MHL goal. It was a big o [...]
Bearcat Bytes: Zach Smith
Bearcat -of-the-Week honours went to first-year Bearcat defenceman, Zach Smith. He scored Truro’s lone goal in the second period i [...]