Bearcat Bytes

Bearcat Bytes – The Graduates
            Bearcat-of-the-Week honours go to the five Bearcats who [...]
Bearcat Bytes: #30 Myles Hektor
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to goalie, Myles Hektor. In Game 2, he turned aside 23 of 25 Mariner shots to give his team the cha [...]
Bearcat Bytes: #28 Gavin Hart
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to sophomore forward, Gavin Hart. He picked up Truro’s first goal of the game in the 6 – 2 loss [...]
Bearcat Bytes: #35 Alec MacDonald
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to second year goalie, Alec MacDonald. He got the nod in both weekend games posting a 6 – 0 win o [...]
Bearcat Bytes: #11 Logan Camp
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to forward, Logan Camp. Since coming to the Bearcats in January, he’s been a tenacious player unr [...]
Bearcat Bytes: #15 Will Mizuik
Bearcat-of-the-Week honors went to forward Will Mizuik. His second period goal in the 5 – 4 win over South Shore lit a fire under [...]
Bearcat Bytes: #89 Dylan Burton
Bearcat-of-the-Week honors went to third year Bearcat, Dylan Burton. In the two games last week he picked up three goals and a pair [...]
Bearcat Bytes: #12 G Blackmore
Bearcat-of-the-Week honors go to forward, G Blackmore. He scored at the 12:15 mark of the first period of the January 31 st game in [...]
Bearcat Bytes: #18 Cole Julian
Bearcat-of-the-Week honors went to rookie forward, Cole Julian. Obviously, there were no points garnered in two Shutout loses, but h [...]
Bearcat Bytes: #19 Caleb Hart
Bearcat-of-the-Week honors go to rookie forward, Caleb Hart. He picked up two goals in two of last week’s three games. He opene [...]