Bearcat Bytes

Bearcat Bytes: Luke Munroe
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to first-year Bearcat, Luke Munroe. Coming into this week, he leads the team in scoring with four goa [...]
Bearcat Bytes: Felix-Anthony Ethier
Bearcat -of-the-Week honours went to goalie, Felix-Anthony Ethier. There were several candidates this week, but the nod goes to him ba [...]
Bearcat Bytes: Tanner Humber-Dredge
Bearcat -of-the-Week honours went to forward, Tanner Humber-Dredge. In Truro’s home opener, he was among the leaders in the convincing [...]
Bearcat Bytes: Gavin Hart
Bearcat -of-the-Week honours go to fifth-year junior, Gavin Hart. He completes his junior eligibility this year having spent four with [...]
Bearcat Bytes: Holden Kodak
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to fourth year junior and second-year Bearcat, Holden Kodak, for being named team Captain. Last year, [...]
Bearcat Bytes: Dell Welton
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to third-year defenseman, Dell Welton. For the last two seasons, he’s played behind older, more e [...]
Bearcats Bytes: Frédéric Plourde
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours go to rookie goalie, Frédéric Plourde. He backstopped the Bearcats to two victories, picking up his firs [...]
Bearcat Bytes: David Gagnon
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to forward, David Gagnon. In the Amherst game, he scored a hat trick, including the game-winner, and as [...]
Bearcat Bytes: Bair Gendunov
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to forward, Bair Gendunov. He picked up two goals and two assists in Truro’s lone game of the week, [...]
Bearcat Bytes: Alec MacDonald
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to veteran goalie, Alec MacDonald. He backstopped the Bearcats to two wins last week, a 4-2 win over [...]