Bearcat Banter

Bearcat Banter: Season Ends
Season twenty-six for the Truro Bearcats has ended. On Thursday, the Yarmouth Mariners put the Bearcats on the brink with a 4-2 home [...]
Bearcat Banter: Divisional Final Underway
The last day of one series is the first day of the next. That’s the way it seemed for the Truro Bearcats and Summerside Capitals w [...]
Bearcat Banter: The Drama Continues
Playoffs are supposed to be full of suspense. This one clearly has been that way, with low scores, and outcomes in doubt. It all add [...]
Bearcat Banter: The Sprint Has Begun
All nine Leagues making up the Canadian Junior Hockey League are fully engaged in post season play. The goal is simple. Be a League [...]
Bearcat Banter: Set Your Goals
The Truro Bearcats ended their final week of regular season play in fine style, winning all four games played. Whether at home or on [...]
Bearcat Banter: Full Steam Ahead
It wasn’t smooth sailing all the way. The week opened with an exhilarating OT win over the MHL’s top team. That win was welc [...]
Bearcat Banter: Bearcats Clinch Second
The final days of February remained busy for the Bearcats. Saturday, before a lively crowd, the Bearcats jumped to a three goal [...]
Bearcat Banter: All In A Weeks Work
That’s what you call a Maritime road trip --- Truro to Edmundston, to Summerside, to Bridgewater, to Amherst, then the return to Truro [...]
Bearcat Banter: Find A Way
With all things considered, it was a good week for the Bearcats. The team picked up a pair of wins before suffering a loss to the [...]
Bearcat Banter: Heavy Sledding
The trip to Northern New Brunswick proved to be grueling, with weather only part of it. Friday, in Campbellton, the hometown Tigers [...]