Bearcat Banter

Bearcat Banter: Avoid Speed Bumps
When the dust settled, the Bearcats came out of the week with a win and a pair of losses. Last Wednesday, it seemed Murphy’s Law wa [...]
Bearcat Banter: Busy Hands, Busy Work
The Truro Bearcats played three strong games over the week but settled for a pair of wins. It was one of those “three games in thr [...]
Bearcat Banter: Not In Our House
The weatherman has done it to the MHL again. For the Bearcats it meant the postponement of two weekend home games. Two before Chr [...]
Bearcat Banter: Game On
The new year has begun, with few pleasantries shared between the Truro Bearcats and Yarmouth Mariners last Friday. This was the fift [...]
Bearcat Banter: Play Cut Short
It suddenly became a short hockey week for the Truro Bearcats. A slate of three games was in store but Tuesday’s head-to- head [...]
Bearcat Banter: Ride The Wave
It’s hard to beat that --- three wins in three outings against divisional competition. Last Tuesday, the Bearcats built up a fi [...]
Bearcat Banter: Full Slate
The Truro Bearcats opened December play with a weekend split. Friday, at the RECC, the Bearcats and South Shore Lumberjacks had t [...]
Bearcat Banter: Bring On December
Mark it down as two wins and a loss --- call it a good week. Last Wednesday, the Bearcats ventured to Berwick, returning with an impr [...]
Bearcat Banter: Right The Ship
It was as if the Truro Bearcats came across a speed bump over the course of the week. For sure, their forward progress was stymied, [...]
Bearcat Banter: Start A New One
All teams strive to be difficult to play against. Last weekend, divisional rivals did just that, forcing the hometown Bearcats to set [...]