MHL announces schedule changes due to NS COVID-19 restrictions


Truro, N.S. (November 25, 2020) – The Maritime Junior Hockey League (MHL) is announcing several schedule changes as a result of evolving COVID-19 restrictions. The government of Nova Scotia announced a number of restrictions on Tuesday which will affect hockey across the province. The effect on the MHL is that the six teams based in Nova Scotia will be restricted to regional play.

For the next four weeks, which carries the 2020-21 regular season schedule to the league’s Christmas Break, teams will be restricted to play within their mini-division. The Amherst Ramblers, Pictou County Weeks Crushers, and Truro Bearcats will play each other during this time period, with the South Shore Lumberjacks, Valley Wildcats, and Yarmouth Mariners doing the same.

This decision requires extensive changes to the schedule due to the number of games where teams in different mini-divisions were scheduled to play. As such, the following games have been rescheduled:

    • November 26th – Valley at Pictou County to March 11th
    • November 28th – Yarmouth at Amherst to January 9th
    • December 3rd – Yarmouth at Pictou County to March 6th
    • December 3rd – Amherst at South Shore to February 12th
    • December 4th – Yarmouth at Truro to January 30th
    • December 10th – Yarmouth at Pictou County to February 18th
    • December 18th – Truro at South Shore to March 6th
    • December 19th – South Shore at Amherst to January 30th
    • December 19th – Truro at Yarmouth to February 5th

The following games have been moved into their place:

    • March 11th – Amherst at Pictou County to November 26th
    • February 18th – Truro at Pictou County to December 3rd
    • March 6th – Yarmouth at South Shore to December 3rd
    • January 30th – Amherst at Truro to December 4th
    • March 21st – Valley at Yarmouth to December 5th
    • March 6th – Truro at Pictou County to December 10th
    • January 16th – Yarmouth at Valley to December 11th
    • February 6th – Truro at Amherst to December 12th
    • February 12th – Valley at South Shore to December 18th
    • March 13th – Truro at Amherst to December 19th
    • January 9th – South Shore at Yarmouth to December 19th

The following games have been postponed and will be rescheduled at a later date:

    • December 11th – Truro at Valley
    • December 12th – Yarmouth at Amherst

Finally, the following changes have also been made:

    • January 7th – Amherst at Pictou County to January 28th
    • January 28th – South Shore at Pictou County to January 7th

More games may be moved up from later in the season to fill out the pre-Christmas schedule. Any announcement on that will be made at the appropriate time.

Note that these changes affect Nova Scotia teams only. New Brunswick teams within the MHL can continue, at this time, to play between their mini-divisions as scheduled. As previously announced, the Summerside Western Capitals will not be playing through December 5th due to new COVID-19 restrictions on Prince Edward Island.


Media Contact:
James Faulkner
Director of Communications
Maritime Hockey League