Bearcat Banter: Get after them
Two out of three ain’t bad – that’s what Meat Loaf said in 1977. It was a huge hockey weekend for the Truro Bearcats. Three gam [...]
Truro Bearcats and Cyclones team up for Zumba
Serving the Community and having fun doing it is a great combination. Again this year the Truro Bearcats and the Fundy Highland Wilson [...]
Million Card Giveaway Winners: February 1st
Montgomery Morris, Harold Barkhouse and Morgan Cormier were the most recent winners in the Million Card Giveaway. The Bearcats have team [...]
7th Player from February 1st: Maria Bagnell
Maria Bagnell was the Bearcats 7th Player on February 1st against the South Shore Lumberjacks. [...]
Photo Gallery: Bearcats vs. Lumberjacks Feb 1, 2020
7th Player from January 31st: Kate Wyllie
Million Card Giveaway Winners: Jan 31
Annika MacDonald and Joanne Jones were the two most recent winners of 2500 sports cards as part of the Bearcats Million Card Giveaway in [...]
Bearcat Bytes: #24 Jaden Hewes
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to forward, Jaden Hewes. In Truro’s two losses last week, he picked up a single assist in the 4-3 [...]
Bearcat Banter: Pedal to the metal
It was a tough weekend – like being hung up on a snow drift. Progress surely came to a stop with the Truro Bearcats suffering a pai [...]
7th Player from January 25th: Addison Marshall