Bearcat Banter: Season in pause mode

With Covid-19 and its variants in the air, you know you are on thin ice.

It started, back in March 2020 ending the MHL season without a playoff run and the declaration of a League Champion, the first time since 1967.

Last year, following interruption of play, countless rescheduling and frustration by players and fans alike, it appears a positive closure of the season was a possibility.

Again, the spread brought an end to the season. Again, no Champion declared, the second time since 1967.

No junior league in the country did a better job of adapting to conditions than the MHL. This League provided more hockey than any, even without proper closure.

Well, here we go again. There have been some interruptions in the hot areas, but for the most part the rebuilding of teams and fan bases was underway.

At the start of last week, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick brought forth rules and restrictions that were to come into effect at 9:00 am, Friday, December 17th.

Public Health in these Provinces, as well as all others in Canada, had good reason to activate measures to contain the current variant.

Containment is a big part of hockey. As a result, games scheduled for December 17th through to January 2nd have been postponed.

For the Bearcats, the trip to Yarmouth last Friday, the home date with Valley on Saturday, and the early visit in January to Valley are all on hold.

The MHL will continue discussions with Public Health officials in all three Maritime Provinces in the weeks ahead.

A decision on games scheduled after January 2nd will be made at an appropriate time, depending on what public Health restrictions are in place at that time. Watch for announcements relating to rescheduled games.

Players are now on an extended break. Before they ventured to their homes they asked that season’s greetings for a safe and happy Christmas be offered to all.

Here’s hoping our efforts to contain this foe are successful, bringing all back to a safe place.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.