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Bearcats Banter: Mid-term Report
The wait continues. February 2nd is the designated date to begin again the MHL schedule. If all goes well, and as hoped the Bearcats wi [...]
Bearcat Banter: Waiting for the Groundhog
There’s no doubt about it. The MHL return to play date is a moving target. In December, the MHL paused play until January 5th. The pa [...]
Bearcat Banter: The pause continues
When an event such as the World Junior Championship is shut down, you know things are serious. Last month, the Maritime Junior Hockey L [...]
Bearcat Banter: Season in pause mode
With Covid-19 and its variants in the air, you know you are on thin ice. It started, back in March 2020 ending the MHL season without a [...]
Bearcat Banter: Wrap things up
It was a full week, and the Bearcats came out of it with three of the six points available to them. In Pictou County, Thursday, the Bea [...]
Bearcat Banter: Full steam ahead
Many believe that it’s not how you start but how you finish. It appears to hold true for the Bearcats most recent outings where they [...]
Bearcat Banter – Bring on December
Those three-game weekends can be killers. It’s great if you’re on the winning side but the alternative can take its toll. Last wee [...]
Bearcat Banter: A full plate
It appeared the Truro Bearcats ate all their cookies Friday night, saving none for the trip to Yarmuth on Saturday. At the RECC, the Be [...]
Bearcat Banter: Let’s find the win column
The Truro Bearcats came up a game short of a perfect weekend. Actually, the team returned from the Northern new Brunswick tour with a s [...]
Bearcat Banter: Got back on track
It was a tough week to be a Bearcat. Three games in as many nights is a heavy load, made heavier when on the losing end of each. Illus [...]