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Bearcat Banter: Let’s Get At It
The first quarter is over. It was an impressive twenty-five years since returning to the junior ranks. Call it time well spent. The Tr [...]
Bearcat Banter: Proud Effort
The Truro Bearcat hockey season came to an end last Monday. It wasn’t a screeching conclusion to season play but it was a four games- [...]
Bearcat Banter: Stay Focused
It’s crunch time in the Bearcat nation. Truro enters the week down three games to one against the top team in the MHL, with Game Five [...]
Bearcat Banter: Reason games are played
The goal of all teams is to go deep into the playoffs. Well, the Truro Bearcats and Summerside have achieved that and now look for more [...]
Bearcat Banter: Down to the Wire
The season is on the line now. This series between the Bearcats and Wildcats has come to this point. Come Wednesday, at the RECC, one [...]
Bearcat Banter: It’s On Now
Divisional Finals in any sport are exciting. Getting there ranks right up there, as well. At this time in the MHL, there are four teams [...]
Bearcat Banter: Moving On
Playoff hockey is at its best when the result is in doubt, if you can stand the suspense. In the Bearcat – Rambler series there was p [...]
Bearcat Banter: Big Game Time
Many in the hockey world refer to postseason play as the “real” season, for good reason. Up to the start of playoffs, it’s all ab [...]
Bearcat Banter: Playoff Bound
The Truro Bearcats are bound for their twenty-fifth postseason run since returning to the MHL in 1997 Granted, the last two years were [...]
Bearcat Banter: Decision Time
Four games over five nights is a full dose of hockey. When the dust settled, the Bearcats came out of it with a split. More important, [...]