Bearcat Banter: Last day of one season, first of the next

Being swept and being Bearcats don’t normally appear in the same sentence.

But it is what it is, and the Yarmouth Mariners are to be congratulated on winning Round I and wished the best in the Eastlink Divisional Finals.

Usually, teams that win deserve to win. The victors were more skilled, more disciplined and more worthy — more consistently.

There were times in the series where the Bearcats worked as a cohesive group and kept things close. They weren’t, however, able to find a way.

Good teams don’t have high numbers of breakdowns in games. There will be mistakes but they have guys to cover you off, then get through it.

The Bearcats were good enough to compete for third in the Division most of the season and were at times, challenging for the spot higher.

The teams beneath them had runs and at season’s end the Bearcats had squandered their hold and needed some help to keep the final post season spot.

Few felt the team could compete deep into a playoff run, but felt the team could bring along a group of young players, acquiring the experience and know how to challenge another day when the time is right.

The Bearcats have made the playoff each of the twenty-two years since returning to the League. They’ve been fourth before.

They were at the end of the 2005 – 2006 year. The next year, they finished first overall and won the clubs second MHL Championship.

They were at the end of the 2014 – 2015 season. The next year, they finished first in the Division — just saying.

The way back will be without the five graduating players. Aging-out is the curse of junior hockey. The organization thanks them and wishes
them well.

The Bearcats have been in a rebuild the past two years. Surrounding this core with committed players is the task at hand.

The Bearcats thank all who support them and look forward to returning bigger and better.