Bearcat Bytes – The Graduates

(left to right) Graduates Dylan Burton, Ryan Porter, Shaun Bily, Myles Hektor and Will Mizuik. (Photo: James Faulkner)
# 8 Ryan Porter
Lower Onslow, NS
5’10”, 198 lbs.
20, Forward
# 89 Dylan Burton
Hammond Plains, NS
5’9”, 190 lbs.
20, Forward
# 15 Will Mizuik
Victoria, BC
5’10”, 190 lbs.
20, Forward
#30 Myles Hektor
Lake Bluff, IL
6’2″, 185 lbs.
20, Goal


#24 Shaun Bily
Doylestown, PA
5’10”, 174 lbs.
20, Forward






Bearcat-of-the-Week honours go to the five Bearcats who have completed their junior eligibility. That’s live in Junior hockey and it’s an occurrence for all 130 plus teams comprising the ten Leagues under the umbrella of the Canadian Junior Hockey League, the world’s largest league. Porter and Dylan Burton were third year Bearcats, each bringing their own wares to the club and providing the leadership expected as seasoned veterans. Will Mizuik came to the club midway through the 2017 – 2018 from the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners and provided some solid two-way play. Myles Hektor and Shawn Bily were junior veterans who came to the Bearcats at the start of this season. Hektor, with Championship experience from last year’s Edmundston Blizzard, provided solid play and mentorship. Bily brought major junior experience and skill to the team, but injury restricted him to 29 regular season games.

The Bearcat organization thanks them for their contribution and wish them the very best in their pursuits.


For the Bearcats, the next big date(s) will be addressing need through the June Midget Draft.