Bearcat Banter: Falling Into Place

Exhibition hockey constitutes the second phase of the evaluation process.

It’s also the most telling.

While winning games is every team’s plan, there is plenty to learn regardless of the outcome, often more from a loss than a win.

It’s all about giving team members the chance to perform, under watchful eyes, in a life-like situation.

The Bearcats came up short in both ends of their back-to-back games with the Valley Wildcats.

In the first meeting, the Wildcats held the upper hand throughout. At the RECC, the Bearcat pushback was impressive, but a late lapse saw victory slip away.

For ten of the Bearcats, this was their first time wearing the junior Bearcat uniform.

Except for two off-season acquisitions, it was an adjustment to the size, speed and age found at this age, in this part of the country.

Truro drafted well over the years. Last weekend five draft picks (three from 2020, two from 2021) made their debut.

While the learning curve may be steep, they performed well, made their rookie mistakes, but most importantly showed the compete level required.

This week, the Bearcats are on the road, then return to the RECC Sunday, September 26th (7:00 pm) to host the Pictou County Crushers. This will wrap up the exhibition schedule.

As always, the Bearcat plan entering a season will be to ice a competitive team, grow its game, make the playoffs, then see what happens.

That’s been a successful recipe, enabling the Bearcats to be in a position for post-season play in the twenty-four seasons leading into this one.

For this group of Bearcats, deep Bearcat play-off runs are rumour. Twenty-year-old, Gavin Hart is the only team member to have competed in one, that going back to 2018-2019 BC (before covid).

Season tickets are on sale at the RECC or Online (Season Pass – Adult $225.00, Senior / Student $185.00, Under 12 $120.00).

The opening date is fast approaching. While the Bearcats appear young, they will be ready to go when the bell rings.

Be part of it.