Bearcat Banter: Drop The Puck


The Maritime Junior Hockey League opens its fifty-sixth season this week. The camps and exhibition games are done, each serving its purpose. Now it’s show time.

The 2022-2023 season features a 52-game balanced schedule running through to March 11. Teams within the Division play each other eight times, then face the other Division’s teams twice. It starts Thursday when the Pictou County Crushers host the Amherst Ramblers and the Truro Bearcats visit the South Shore Lumberjacks.

Overseeing the MHL operation is newly appointed President, Troy Dumville. He has a full understanding of the MHL, having served in the past as an owner, General Manager and Head Coach. He also is aware of the MHL’s potential as part of the nine league CJHL. Perhaps no one is more anxious than he to get the puck dropped.

The Truro Bearcats have settled on its roster to start the season. Listed are two goalies, seven defencemen and fourteen forwards. Eleven of that number are returnees. This group gained some valuable experience last year that should serve them well. Of the twelve new faces are four rookies looking to earn their stripes and learn the MHL game. They earned their spots. The remainder are off-season acquisitions; most in the twenty and nineteen age group. This has been a very significant addition. In all fairness, optimism is high coming out of most of the camps. For sure, all are ready to play.

Thursday, the Bearcats travel to South Shore to participate in the Lumberjacks’ Home Opener. Opening on the road can be a good thing. The Lumberjacks have been low in the Divisional standings, looking up, over the last few years. New ownership last October, along with a new coach last December, suggest a move in the right direction.

The Bearcats return to the RECC, Friday, for their own Home Opener, when they face the Pictou County Crushers. That game gets underway at 7:00 pm. This is a rivalry that goes back to the early stages of the last century. Players on both sides are aware of that history. The Crushers missed out on playoff action last year. Clearly they don’t want a repeat of that. So, Bearcat fans get their first opportunity to see the current edition of their team this Friday.

Season tickets are on sale at the RECC and Online. So, too, are individual game tickets.