Bearcat Banter: Too close for comfort

At this time of year, no game is just another game.

The Truro Bearcats are fighting for their playoff lives, so every game is a big one.

Last week saw the Bearcats pick up a win, sandwiched between shutout losses. Statistically is wasn’t good.

In the Summerside game, the Bearcats played two strong periods but were unable to get on the scoreboard. The Capitals’ second goal took some to the spirit out of the Bearcats.

The Bearcat powerplay won the game against South Shore. It was a case where it’s not how many you score, but when.

In that game, the Bearcats were down a pair but timely goals, followed by a brief scoring rampage, gave the Bearcats a much needed win.

Monday in Amherst, the Ramblers were impressive out of the gate. A goal-a-period, with no Bearcat response, was the difference.

Sparks used to fly when the Bearcats and Ramblers played. That rivalry was rekindled on Heritage Day, with two head-to-head match-ups remaining in regular season play.

The results don’t necessarily reflect Bearcat play. In all three games, Truro’s effort and attitude was where they should be. They didn’t go away.

Attention to detail, puck management and readiness are challenged by times. Games are built around time and space and the players’ ability to dictate that.

All year, the Bearcats have played in spurts. It’s time now to be streaky good with five games remaining.

You can always complain that you didn’t play as well as you want to, but finding a way to win, that’s the important thing.

It’s that time.

Tonight, the Bearcats are in Bridgewater to face the South Shore Lumberjacks. There should be a big game feeling that comes with a Divisional rival trying to chase you down in the Standings.

Friday the Bearcats are in Yarmouth. The Mariners have won each outing against Truro, but the Bearcats need the points more than the Mariners.

For sure nobody is giving an inch. The Bearcats need wins to continue control of their destiny.