Bearcat Banter: Start your engines

The boys are back in town.

Actually the Truro Bearcats reported in last Friday with three practices scheduled prior to New Year’s and another two to prepare for the resumption of MHL play.

Here’s hoping some solid reflection gets the mindset ready for what lies ahead. The stretch drive is about to begin.

Many league observers refer to this time of year as the “next season”. The time when teams determine positioning for the post – season play is upon them.

With a January 10 deadline to reduce playing cards to twenty-three, there are firm decisions to be weighed and made. This can make people anxious.

Some teams will stand pat; some will become buyers; some will become sellers. Those decisions will be made very soon.

Since the Amherst Ramblers are hosting the 2019 Fred Page Cup, the competition for the MHL spot is wide open. This can make for interesting times.

There are some serious contenders for that spot based on Standings at the Christmas Break. Contender to pretender can unfold before your very eyes.

The Truro Bearcats are looking to grow their game. The biggest need is for the current group to come to grips with a team identity that works.

This group has shown on many occasions that the Bearcat way, when played sixty minutes, can be very successful.

Then again, departures from that cause breakdowns, resulting in less than favourable play. Players, coaches and fans have witnessed both.

That, unfortunately, is common with young teams. They haven’t quite grasped the fact that you must rely upon, and trust, the one nest ot you on the bench. Figure it out.

The next season is always interesting. The Bearcats open it in Bridgewater, Friday, when they face the fourth place Lumberjacks – a big one.

Saturday, Truro is at the RECC for a 7:00 pm match up with the St. Stephen County Aces. This will be their only visit to Truro this year.

Time to get cooking.