Bearcat Banter: On the road again

Three games in four nights is demanding to say the least.

The Truro Bearcats came out of that stretch with a win and a pair of close losses.

In Amherst a goaltending duel ended in favour of the Ramblers. The Bearcats played well enough but didn’t score enough.

Thursday, in Pictou County, the Bearcats earned a much needed win, scoring five goals and delivering the Crushers their first loss of the year.

The Crushers played strong off the rush but Bearcat adjustments neutralized that aspect of the game enroute to the win.

Truro still generated some mistakes but when you score a lot, you can get away with a few.

In Saturday’s home – opener, the Bearcats couldn’t buy a goal. The Wildcat goalie stood on his head in regulation play and made the stops needed in the Shootout.

The Bearcats enter this week with three points to their credit and a realization that their competition comes to play. It’s a tough league.

Over the last four games, the Bearcats improved their goals against. That puts them in the position to win.

So, too, does putting the puck in the net. There’s no question several are getting frustrated, but, individual play can’t solve that.

The team isn’t being outworked, and they are working on improving on the things they need to do. It’s a work in progress.

If last week was Challenging, this week will be even more demanding. It has more to do with geography than the competition.

Tonight the Bearcats are in Bridgewater to face the South Shore Lumberjacks (7:00 pm start). The Lumberjacks are competitive and big.

Friday, the Bearcats are off to Fredericton to face the Red Wings. The move of the St. Stephen County Aces to that city has been well received.

The Red Wings have been competitive right from the gate. This is not a young, fresh-faced team.

Saturday, Truro is on the road again, this time to Amherst for a rematch with the Ramblers (7:00 pm).

This is a test of great proportion, but it is junior hockey where bus trips and travel play a huge part.