Bearcat Banter: Last Chapter Missing

Bad luck is usually associated with Friday the 13th. It’s a superstition thought to have originated with the Last Supper. It can happen once to three times a year.

Well, the hockey nation in Canada was rocked on Friday, March 13th when Hockey Canada announced the cancellation of all sanctioned hockey and related hockey activities.

The health and safety of players, team staff, officials and fans are a top priority. It was a case of doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Once the NBA shut down early last week, the trickle-down effect became a flood of cancellations. By noon Friday, the MHL and the other nine leagues making up the CJHL were closed for the season.

This is a situation unlike any experienced before in this League which dates back to its start in 1967.

The eight MHL teams were to start their playoffs last weekend. Regular season results were meaningless and all eight were to start their playoff run with a clean slate.

The Bearcats opened the season with the franchise’s slowest start, then wrapped up the season with one of its best finishes. The team was blonde and ready to have some fun in what could have been a deep playoff run. Who knows?

For twenty-three years the Bearcat goal has been to make the playoffs, then see what happens. Unfortunately, we will never know.

Bearcat feelings are being experienced by all associated with this game in every corner of this Country. It’s a reminder, that hockey is a game. While some look to hockey as a livelihood, most look to it as a game, a non-essential activity.

Since Friday, the annual closing event was held, without billets, volunteers, family and fans. All players are now in their respective homes. The Bearcat organization thanks each for his contribution and wish all a safe, healthy return to their home communities.

The organization thanks all volunteers and fans for their support and help during this season. It’s all hard to fathom. This is not the way the season was to end.

Take care of yourself.