Bearcats help Truro Elementary School Breakfast Program

Members of the Truro Bearcats visited Truro Elementary School this morning to help out with their Breakfast Program. It runs every morning at the school from 7:40 a.m. to 7:55 a.m., serving Pre-Primary to Grade 4. For some students, they just don’t feel like eating when they get up or there is too much of a rush to eat at home. For others, this is their breakfast because there may not be food at home.

The Department of Health and Wellness says the availability of school breakfast programs increases the probability that students will eat breakfast and, in turn, improve their learning. School breakfast programs are not intended to replace nourishment at home, but rather to support parents/guardians who are the primary providers.

Pictured are Tanner Humber-Dredge, Tanner Greatorex, and Trey Sturge.