Bearcat Banter: Put your feet up

The goal of all hockey players is to win the last game played.

While that usually refers to the end of a playoff with a championship on the line, the Bearcats’ win last Saturday was well received and just as good, for now.

It ended a three game losing skid where the team was all over the map relating to Team play and attention to detail.

Last Thursday, in Pictou County, the Bearcats scored five goals, normally enough to win a game on the road. Not so this time.

The Crushers responded with eight of their own to register their third straight win over the Bearcats. It was well deserved.

The Bearcats didn’t play well enough to win. The team’s goal – against – average took a hit, in spite of the increased offensive output.

Saturday, the Bearcats played well enough to win over the stubborn Valley Wildcats. Truro scored a goal each period to claim victory.

Mistakes made by the Bearcats didn’t receive the punishment that a higher placed team would mete out. They got away with it.

The Bearcats come into the Christmas Break with 16 wins and 34 points through the first 28 games of their schedule.

Those numbers put the team third on the Eastlink South Standings, fourth overall in the MHL. That is very favourable.

Last year, at this time, after 29 games, the Bearcats had 14 wins and 29 points, fourth in the Division and eighth in the League.

That team came back after the Break and became the hottest team in the League through to the end of regular season play. Things happen.

Well, play will resume shortly. For sure, the schedule is a bit more agreeable to the Bearcats. They have seven home games in January.

The team played five home games during the November – December schedule. They deserve some home cooking.

The team wishes you a safe and happy holiday season. The players will clearly enjoy connecting with family and friends.

See you in the New Year.