Bearcat Banter: MHL spells suspense

Once you get beyond regulation time, anything can happen.

The Bearcats have had plenty of experience with extra session games this year, matched only by Edmundston in the other Division.

Friday, the Bearcats found themselves in OT position against Fredericton. The Bearcats scored early to claim the win in that session.

The Red Wings showed they are a strong North Division team. The teams played tight, competitive hockey, with the outcome in doubt to the end. Fans were impressed with the quality of play. The teams went to work and stayed focused on hockey to the conclusion.

Saturday, the Bearcats went beyond OT to the Shoot Out. The Mariners got the win in this one. Truro had to overcome a first period deficit to get to that point. The Bearcats had a wide territorial edge and showed they would scrap to the very end.

When the dust settled, the Bearcats added three points to that highly watched column. Even with that, it’s still too close to call. Another positive was the overall work ethic and team play. On the Special team side, Truro scored on the powerplay in both, and held the opposition off the board on the Kill, in both.

The Bearcats got great mileage out of their twelve games this month. They picked up eight wins, lost four (including the SOL). That equals 17 points. They came into the week tied with Pictou County, three points out of second. It’s in their hands how everything turns out.

This week wraps up the Regular Season play. Tonight, Truro is in Pictou County and Saturday, the Bearcats are in Valley.

The Crushers have two remaining as well, giving this match-up real significance to both. Just call it additional reason for this rivalry to continue a long standing tradition.

Valley won’t see post season play; however, they relish the concept of helping determine who will. The Wildcats have three twenty year-olds who stayed at the deadline to assist with the rebuild. They are enjoying the ride.

So, here we are, last week of play – hang on to your tickets.