Bearcat Banter: Look for bounce back

The Truro Bearcats took it on the chin last weekend.

Actually, it was three hits, losing games at home to Amherst and Fredericton, and, on the road in Summerside.

The Bearcat-Rambler game was close in one area – shots on goal. Other than that, the visitors controlled the game in all zones.

The Ramblers got leadership from returning players with increased offensive responsibility. The Bearcats just weren’t able to respond.

Truro pushed back hard in the Fredericton game, but last-minute dramatics were not enough to garner the win.

The Red Wings possess plenty of experience and size and play the transition game well. Truro hung in and showed they were ready to play the full sixty minutes.

Saturday, the Summerside Capitals scored in each period en route to a convincing win. The margin of play was clearly on the Capital side as the Bearcats ran out of gas.

The week proved to be a grueling one for the Bearcats, being outscored 14 – 4, and seeing their undefeated start slip away. There are lessons there.

For all the Bearcats new to MHL play, it displayed the level of competition that’s out there. Everything you get in this league is earned.

So, the Bearcats enter the week playing .500 hockey and looking forward to the next three games, all at home and against teams they’ve met this year.

Friday, the Valley Wildcats are at the RECC, hoping to reverse the shutout they suffered the last time in Truro. They bring a big, experienced team each outing.

Saturday, the Pictou County Crushers return with their 2 – 5 record. Like the Bearcats, they have many learning the MHL game.

On Wednesday, Nov. 3rd. the Amherst Ramblers are back in town. They’re second in the South Division at the time of writing.

Divisional games possess great weight, but the Bearcats will prepare well to carry the load. Look for that Bearcat resilience to surface.

Current standings have the Summerside Capitals first overall, leading the North, while Yarmouth holds the top spot in the South.