Bearcat Banter: Forge Ahead

The Truro Bearcats enter the final week of play prior to the Christmas Break.

It’s been a hectic go so far considering all that’s going on in the world of Covid 19.

Off the ice, MHL teams have exemplified the benefit of collegial planning, cooperation, and flexibility.

Each of these ingredients has allowed the League to provide hockey for players and fans. Give credit where credit is due.

The Bearcats enter this week with a 7-4-1 record. Compared to the first twelve games last year, this is awesome.

The team likes their position and it is a fair and accurate one. The Bearcats had but four home games to date, winning them all. That’s tending to business.

Last week the Bearcats travelled to Pictou County, coming home with a disappointing loss. While losing is part of playing competitive sport, how you lose can leave a sour taste.

At the end of the day, the hometown Crushers had the jump when they needed it the most, and the Bearcats provided them an opportunity.

Saturday, the Bearcats needed a Shoot Out to win. This is not a plan, for sure, but if the result is good, the team will accept it.

Last year, those cursed Shoot Outs were hard on the Bearcats. They ended the season with five Shoot Out Losses (SOL), to lead their Division.

That’s not a stat to be proud of, but one you have to live with. Great to see that solved.

This mini-series hockey with the Bearcats, Ramblers and Crushers has been most entertaining. A split is acceptable.

Saturday the Bearcats are at home to face the Pictou County Crushers. This will be their sixth, meeting with the Crushers holding a 3-2 record in the win column.

Season ticket holders are reminded to use the January 16th ticket for this game.

Sunday the Bearcats are in Amherst to wrap up pre-Christmas play. They’re evenly split in their four meetings.