Bearcat Banter – Bring on December

Those three-game weekends can be killers.

It’s great if you’re on the winning side but the alternative can take its toll.

Last weekend, the Bearcats opened with an emotional road win to be followed by a pair of losses. It’s a tough way to make a living but it’s the price of playing MHL hockey this year.

In Pictou County, Thursday, the Bearcats entered the third period down by two, but they scored early and late to force OT.

The extra session took all of fourteen seconds to determine the victor. The jubilation on the Bearcat side said it all.

Unfortunately, the Bearcats had to follow up with a home date with the Summerside Capitals. The Bearcats scored first but it wasn’t pretty the rest of the way.

The Bearcats took the full brunt of the Capital offense. The attack was fast, physical, and relentless.

The Capitals host this year’s Fred Page Cup, so they will only get stronger as the year progresses. The fight for the MHL representative at this event should be a dandy.

This situation brings to mind the story of running back, Walter Payton and defensive tackle, Rosey Grier being chased by a bear. Payton reminded Grier that he didn’t have to outrun the bear, just outrun him. It may be true, or not.

Truro wrapped up the week losing in Amherst where the Ramblers scored a goal per period while the Bearcats replied but once.

For sure, it was a tough stretch, but much can be learned from it. For a young bunch, it’s good to see the level of play by some of the teams sitting ahead of you. Take the loss but learn from it.

So, the Bearcats enter this week still in fourth spot in the Division but playing below the .500 mark. On tap are three games over four nights.

Wednesday’s game features the return of the Yarmouth Mariners in a match billed Teddy Bear Toss night.

Then comes the back-to-back matchup with the South Shore Lumberjacks, Friday in Bridgewater, then Saturday at the RECC.

The Bearcats were victors in the lone meeting of the two this season. The Lumberjacks are sitting at the bottom of the Division with up being the desired direction coming into this week.

The Bearcats know what they have to do.