Bearcat Banter: Bring it on

It took fifty games but the Truro Bearcats got it done.

Clinching a playoff spot this year was clearly a long process stretching back to September.

So, in the franchise’s twenty-three years of existence, there will be post season play. No team over that stretch of time can match that.

For those who like numbers, here is a significant array – 2 – 4 – 8. That represents the first fourteen games of the season. Just two wins alongside eight regulation losses and four of those extra session losses.

It wasn’t a pretty picture and some serious novel gazing suggested that wasn’t good enough for a proud franchise.

The wind began to change with some lineup tweaking prior to Christmas. The addition of a little grit and some added experience in the defensive zone shook things up a bit.

The acquisition of three twenty year-olds at the trade deadline served notice the team was serious about salvaging the season an entering a stretch run to land a playoff position.

If there was a turning point in the season, this corner would suggest a February 1 st game against the South Shore Lumberjacks. It’s the making of great moments in Bearcat history. Down 4-0 entering the final period, the Bearcats rally, tie the game, then win in OT.

For those faithful followers who stayed to the end, it was clear that this group of Bearcats had more punch than they had shown to that date.

February belonged to the Bearcats. The team went 9-2-1 for the month, then clinched their ticket in their first March game.

The current roster consisting of seven returnees, four experienced off-season acquisitions, five drafted rookies and five pickups during the season get the job done.

That was the regular season. The REAL season begins Friday in Yarmouth. Game 2 is set to go this Sunday, 7:00 pm at the RECC.

So, here we are, set for another series against the Yarmouth Mariners, the Division’s top team since season opening. Each one has been a dandy.

The Bearcats are where they want to be and there’s some unfinished business for this group of Bearcats.

They’ve come together.