Bearcat Banter – Standings Tighten Up

Two big wins put the Truro Bearcats in a more favourable spot.

Good things happen when a team stays with the plan, fights through adversity and it gets contribution from all.

After those unsuccessful visits to Yarmouth the Bearcats has their first opportunity to meet them on Bearcat turf.

They made the most of it. While outshot significantly in the opening period, Truro hung tough and came out even.

The next two periods belonged to the Bearcats. Solid goaltending and timely goals gave Truro the win and plenty for the hometown crowd to rave about.

Three powerplay goals by the Bearcats must have been a season high. If that Special Team play has turned around, it looks good going forward.

Sunday, in Berwick, the Bearcats followed the solid combination of goaltending and timely goals against a team needing the points just as much as Truro.

So, two gutsy performances, one at home and one on the road, put the Bearcats two points out of fourth spot and hitting the .500 mark.

Team composure was clearly on display. Short-staffed, with just sixteen skaters, the team hung tough in all situations.

Players who normally have fewer shifts responded well with increased responsibility. It was a feel good weekend all around.

Last Friday’s game marked the mid-point of the Bearcat schedule. Things are very much in the team’s hands, and in their control, as a team.

Here’s a stat worth noting. In the last six games the Bearcats entered the final period with the lead. They’re in them to win them.

Truro has to forget about the tough opening schedule, mostly on the road, and the seven extra session losses. It’s about what happens from this point on.

The Bearcats’ final pre-Christmas game has the Ramblers at the RECC for a 7:00 pm game. Check the Standings if you don’t see the importance of this game — to both teams.

Let’s get behind this Bearcat team.