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Bearcat Bytes: #8 Spencer Blackwell
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to forward, Spencer Blackwell. In last Wednesday’s playoff clinching game against Valley, he open [...]
Bearcat Banter: Bring it on
It took fifty games but the Truro Bearcats got it done. Clinching a playoff spot this year was clearly a long process stretching back [...]
Photo Gallery: Wildcats at Bearcats 04/03/20
Bearcat Bytes: #74 Ben Higgins
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to team captain, Ben Higgins. In Friday’s 3-2 OT win over Fredericton, he scored two and assisted [...]
Bearcat Banter: MHL spells suspense
Once you get beyond regulation time, anything can happen. The Bearcats have had plenty of experience with extra session games this ye [...]
Photo Gallery: Bearcats vs. Red Wings 28/02/20
Bearcat Bytes: #16 Bryan Laureigh
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to forward, Bryan Laureigh. He picked up a goal in the loss to the Crushers, a pair in the win over [...]
Bearcat Banter: The Drama Continues
The South Shore Tour proved to be very rewarding. The Bearcats returned with a pair of wins, both nail biters in nature. The schedule [...]
Photo Gallery: Bearcats vs. Crushers 19-02-20
Bearcat Bytes: #81 James Walker
Bearcat-of-the-Week honours went to forward, James Walker. In the two home wins on the weekend, he scored 2 goals and assisted on tw [...]