Justly rewarded

October 13, 2016
By Gerry Hale

Success is a great motivator.

It demonstrated the team is moving in the right direction even though all aspects of their game may not be where management wants them on a consistent basis.

There were no surprises when the Summerside Capitals came to town last Friday. As expected, they attacked with speed in groups of five.

Fortunately Truro’s goaltender stood the test and gave the Bearcats the chance to get their feet moving. That was key.

Equally important in the eventual outcome was the Bearcat penalty-kill. It was well tested but passed with flying colours.

Puck management remains a concern, especially in the defensive zone. Often a result of this is the soft penalty. The Bearcats were guilty of this.

Saturday, the Bearcats jumped on the Pictou County Crushers. The four goal outburst in the early going was a little more than the Crushers could handle.

The visitors came close to a full recovery but once again, the Bearcats got the goaltending support when needed the most.

Fans in attendance of both games could come away pleased with the results. They recognize the team is young but the work ethic is strong. There are plenty of bright spots.

The team enters each game looking to go the full sixty minutes. Both games required that.

Truro’s top drawer players are doing what they’re supposed to - lead. They have to be the best players to win at this stage.

This week, the Bearcats are home to meet the Dieppe Commandos, Saturday 7:00 pm at the RECC. Sunday they play the Valley Wildcats in Berwick (2:00pm).

The Commandos are young and fast. History shows these combatants play an up-tempo game.

Truro has recorded two victories over the Wildcats this season. The Valley squad has been actively moving players, looking to turn things around.

Keep moving forward.

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