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November 3, 2016
By Gerry Hale

In hockey, squandered minutes are not returned.

In many respects, though, the Bearcats were rewarded fairly for their efforts which saw them play three games in as many nights.

They came away with three of the possible six points. With consistency they may have garnered more.

Friday, in Bridgewater, the team put together its best sixty minute effort of the year.

From the get-go, the Bearcats were ready to compete hard against the aggressive Lumberjacks. They were a complete package.

The carryover to the next night, against the same competition was not positively evident.

While shot counts donít always tell the story, they can indicate disappointment. Truro had nineteen shots on South Shore in the second period, then four in the third.

Truro missed its chance to bury the Lumberjacks in the middle frame when they lived in the visitorsí end.

South Shore directs sixteen shots on Truro net in the third, score the periodís only goal, force OT, then win. Thatís all she wrote.

Unfortunately, Truroís third period effort was duplicated in the opening of Sundayís game against the Ramblers. They gave up far too many chances.

Truro did tighten things up the rest of the way but came up short in the end.

The Bearcats played seven solid periods over the three games. The two weak ones cost them.

Teams learn from that. Also, on the plus side, Truroís penalty kill was superb when called upon and the two defensive additions make that zone stronger.

This week the Bearcats hit the road. Friday they are in Woodstock, then in St. Stephen Saturday.  Both opponents are well managed but, other than for that, the Bearcats know little about them.

The Bearcats know what they have to do.

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