Attention to detail

March 1, 2018
By Gerry Hale

It’s important to give yourself the best chance to win.

The Bearcats didn’t do that, by times, last weekend. They came out of it with two losses.

The team had a frustrating evening last Friday in Berwick. Obviously, shot count and territorial advantage don’t guarantee wins.

The Bearcats played like they wanted to win but they got away from the details which proved so valuable in recent weeks. They just weren’t as sharp.

The Wildcats received yeoman protection in their crease and they scored on every decent chance they had.

Saturday, the Bearcats faced the Summerside Capitals in Tignish. It was a great experience for the team, except for the outcome.

Playing a team owning the top MHL scorers and the MHL’s top Powerplay can be a daunting task. You have to be ready.

The Capitals’ transitional game over the first half over whelmed the Bearcats. The visitors never caught up.

Truro did get back to its game, but the damage was done. The positive is the Bearcats know what happened.

No team can win all of its games; however, if you get off track, it lessens your chances. These games can be good reminders.

The Bearcats are on the road again this weekend. First up is the stop in Woodstock to face the Slammers, Friday, at 7:30. Saturday they’re in St. Stephen for a 7:00 pm start against the Aces.

Neither of those teams are destined for post season action this year. They do, however, have pride in their organization and would love to be part of deciding who does.

Coming into this week, the only playoff spot in the MHL still open was fourth in the Eastlink South Division. As it should be, no team is going to roll over.

The League’s playoff schedule had been circulating the past week with play to begin tentatively, March 15. If it went the full distance, it could wrap up April 20.

That’s the “real” season.

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